Happy Vegetarian Day!

1 Oct

Good morning! Today is World Vegetarian Day, the kickoff to Vegetarian Awareness Month.  As I do everyday, I’ll be celebrating with another meatless day! 

Eating a vegetarian diet can reduce risks of heart disease, stroke and cancers.  A plant-based diet also helps the fight for animals suffering and being slaughtered in factory-farms.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reviewed several studies that examined the health benefits of vegetarian diets.  (Read this review here!) In short, they concluded there is significant evidence of vegetarian diets leading to lower risk of coronary heart disease.  This is likely due to lower incidence of obesity, diabetes and hypertension (all risk factors for heart disease). 

So what can you do to celebrate World Vegetarian Day (or month)!?

  • Eat meat-free today, or all month! šŸ™‚
  • Host a vegetarian potluck meal with your friends/family
  • Visit a vegetarian restaurant or try meatless options at your favorite restaurants
  • Swap meat for “fake” meat products (Morningstar Farms, Dr. Praeger’s, Garden Burger)
  • Encourage others to go meatless for the day!

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