Thankful Thursday: THANKSGIVING edition!

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!! Due to crazy schedules, my family is doing the big Thanksgiving meal this Saturday.  But that didn’t stop me from starting my day with a 5-mile Turkey Trot followed by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with Mom & Rocky.  AKA I’m a very happy girl.  And here’s what I’m thankful for this week, and always:

1. First and foremost, FAMILY. Some people are not so lucky as to have the support & love of a family like mine.  We may not get along perfectly, but what family does?

2. My new BED! Wahoooo!!! My parents are oh-so-generously giving me the bed from the guest bedroom in their old house! I’m looking forward to waking up without back pain every morning.  (Oh, and we’re also getting a “new” couch & kitchen table. Honestly, where would I be without these people?)

3. Grape Gatorade.  I think I have a problem. I almost threw a tantrum in the store the other day when all I saw was “Glacier Freeze” and not my “Fierce Grape”. 🙂 I hope they start making Prime & Recover versions of Fierceness too…I’m not a fan of the strawberry kiwi stuff. Yuck.
Happiness in a bottle.

4. Tea. Hot, iced, black, green, whatever. I love it. 
5. My new foam roller. If for no other reason than to crack my always stiff back.

6. Beating my time from last year’s Turkey Trot! 🙂  Official time is still to come, but I think it was around 46:10, so that’s at least a minute faster than last year.  Woohoo to accomplishing goals!

Today is the day to be THANKful…and to GIVE.  So try to do a little of both.  It’ll send good vibes out into the world & make you feel good inside. Promise. 🙂


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