A Healthy, Happy Holiday!

27 Dec
Here’s hoping you all had a healthy & happy holiday weekend!  I know I sure did! 
Dad and I started our weekend off right with a nice 5-mile run along the Rail Trail in Poughkeepsie on Christmas Eve.  Dad ran in these super fun Christmas socks!
An elf…? Or just Dad?
This was followed by an entire day of eating. And the Giants/Jets game, of course.  We went out to both breakfast and dinner on Christmas Eve.  I did my best to make healthy choices with an egg white omelette, fruit & a corn muffin at breakfast.  Dinner was tough at an Italian restaurant, but I’ll consider my giant pasta dish carb-loading for the Christmas day run! 🙂

Christmas Day started out with another run…about 4 miles this time!  Then it was time for more food & a few gifts!  Although Rocky probably deserved coal this year, Santa left him some nice toys in his stocking!
Although we “cancel” Christmas, we do still draw one name for a Secret Santa gift! Thanks to my Not-So-Secret Santa, I now have some awesome new running socks, gloves & hats! Couldn’t ask for anything better than that! 🙂

My SIL went a little overboard with the amount of food, but it was all absolutely delicious.  I think I am still full from the veggie lasagna, mashed potatoes, pierogies, vegetable casserole, shrimp, beef tenderloin & ham.  Well, no meat with feet for me, but it sure looked good!

Linzer tarts? Don’t mind if I do!
And it wouldn’t be Christmas without COOKIES! Linzer tarts, gingerbread men, rum balls…oh my!  I think my party-tummy is just resolving itself now!
Overall, my holiday weekend was filled with all of the best things: family, a little running and a lot of FOOD!!!

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