Thankful Thursday: Sparkle, Sports & Stubbornness

26 Jan
Things I’m thankful for this week:

Sparkly Soul headbands. I’ve never found a better (or more fabulous) way to keep my sweaty mess of hair off my face! Get yourself some sparkle here!

that the Giants making it to the Superbowl! We (yes, we) struggled a bit during the season, but have pulled through in the last few games.  Bring it on, Mr. Brady & co!
also thankful for this beautiful man.

that the Yankees spring training starts in less than 1 month. Which means baseball season is coming! And in case you’re wondering, I am available to attend any and all games you’d like to buy me tickets to! πŸ™‚
K.Hob on the warning track! πŸ™‚

Beyonce. Enough said.

BEYONCE Me Myself And I by carmlo01

Chocolate milk. Seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate milk? It’s delicious, I feel like a little kid every time I drink it, and it makes a perfect recovery drink.  Although, let’s be real…I’d drink it even if it didn’t have the power punch of carbohydrate, protein, sodium & calcium!

that Microsoft Word makes a works cited for me.  I couldn’t be more appreciative of this nifty little feature.  I’d definitely fail life if I had to format my references myself. 
Why, thank you, Word for inserting citations for me!

that I’m a stubborn little lady.  After New Year’s, I challenged myself to stop drinking, for my health, my wallet and my weight.  I came up with this silly idea just around the time I started my half-marathon training, so it seemed like the 3 month time frame made sense.  Well, let me tell you…this is tough.  Sometimes a girl just wants a glass (or three) of red wine.  Or a beer during say, the Superbowl. But I’m stubborn and I really want to challenge myself.  So…on March 24th, someone better be meeting me at the finish line with a little brown bag of victory!

What are you thankful for this week?


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