Thankful Thursday: Sunshine and Sleeping in!

15 Mar
Well hello there! It’s Thursday and I’m not in the greatest of moods! So I think it’s time to talk about happy fun things! This week,  I’m feeling thankful…

…that it’s basically summer already. What the beautiful weather this week?! I’m loving it. I got my sunglasses and flip-flops out and I’m ready to go!

…that I worked for 1-hour yesterday.  I had to give a quick presentation for National Nutrition Month, but otherwise I got to sleep in and leave early! Woohoo!

…for presents for pretty girls
Who wouldn’t love to see this in their inbox?
My Dad sent me an iTunes gift for the new live Decemberists album.  Which is awesome by the way.  And so is my Dad. 🙂
…for my life partner-aka my roomate.  [It’s the big joke that since we’re both single and have lived together for oh, about 6 years, we should just admit that we’re in a relationship and get married. Ha. Ha. Ha.]  But really, although she drives me absolutely nuts sometimes, I’m thankful to have her around.  Because she has really cool ninja skills.
Meet Ninja roomate!

Just kidding.  But I am thankful for her and our ridiculous relationship.  Last week, I walked into the apartment and urgently demanded that she remind me what ended up happening with Corey and Topanga.  Without skipping a beat, she recapped the finale of Boy Meets World and moved on to another topic.  Just like that. No questions asked. Thanks, Goof.

…that Rocky and I have the apt all to ourselves this weekend.  I know, I know…I just said I was thankful for Goof.  But sometimes it’s nice to have time apart too!

…for new nail polish colors.  I can never have enough! It’s Kabuki Queen by OPI-perfect for this summer weather we’re having lately! Thanks, cuz!

No, I’m not playing with my iPhone instead of doing work at the library…

…that I’m not an insomniac. Unlike some poor souls I know, I’m great at sleeping.  Except of course when I decide to stay up until 3 am reading the Hunger Games. This is why I should not break my “not reading anything but textbooks during my DI” rule. Oops.

Okay, that’s all for today…back to being a crankypants!

 What are you all thankful for today!? 

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