Thankful Thursday: Animations & Avocados

8 Jun
It’s late and I have to study…so this is going to be quick!

Today I’m thankful…

…for free movie screenings! Thanks to a fabulous friend, roomie and I went to the screening of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.  In 3D. 

There was free popcorn and cotton candy. And I literally ran smack into Jerry Stiller.  I can’t complain, but the love of my life (Will Smith) was there also and I didn’t catch him unfortunately.  Either way, awesome experience..cute movie…happy times. 

Yes we’re adults. With 3D glasses and cotton candy.

…for avocados. I could go on about avocados for days. They’re so freakin delicious and packed with vitamins and healthy fats.

…that I made it to yoga on Monday. First yoga class in about 2 months and my body is pathetically still sore. In a good way.

…that I won a fantastic giveaway from fellow blogger, Danielle at Long May You Run.  She’s an ultra-runner now (so bad-ass) and has an awesome blog you should go check out ASAP! 🙂

What are you thankful for?!

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