Thankful Thursday

28 Jun
It’s Thursday. It’s a beautiful 80-something degrees and sunny outside.  I’ve been stuck inside my apartment all day waiting for a maintenance guy, who since he finally arrived has been drilling and banging and creating HUGE holes in my wall. I’m not feeling so thankful for this.  

However, I AM thankful…

…that I am officially a graduate of the DI! Woo!
Class of 2012! 🙂

…for my amazing friends who got married this past weekend! And for everyone who made it a blast despite Tropical Storm Debby trying to bring us down!
so perfect.

…for clean sheets. Tell me you don’t feel fantastic when you have fresh new digs on the bed?! 

…that Channing Tatum & Matthew McConaughey have taken on the intense roles of male strippers. I, for one am going to check out this sure-to-be Oscar worthy picture! 

…for long summer days.  How can you not love the sunlight until 8:30 or 9pm?

I’m still not thankful for this repair man and his loud tools.  Tell me what you’re thankful for today!


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