Thankful Thursday: Big Things

26 Jul
Good morning! This has been an amazing week. Not only did I receive some really great news, but there was a big announcement in my family too! 🙂 

So let’s be happy and cheery and thankful!  Today I’m thankful…

…that I got a job! More to come on this, because I don’t feel like it’s real yet and don’t want to jinx anything. 🙂

…that I have an amazing support system.  I had to twist a few arms, but my cheer squad even agreed to impromptu celebratory drinks on a Monday! Thanks guys! 🙂

…for the “Hip Hop BBQ” station on Pandora.  I’ve been running with my friends Nas, Biggie and Dre a lot on lately and I’m loving it.  Especially because it reminded me of this gem:

….that I’m officially registered for both the Staten Island Half (Oct 7) AND the Walt Disney World Half marathon (Jan 22).  Boom.

…for waking up to this mush everyday. ❤
Tell me, what are you thankful for this week?


One Response to “Thankful Thursday: Big Things”

  1. Kristin Miller July 26, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    THAT FACE! I've said it once I'll said it again: I want to smoosh his wrinkles and love him! I'm thankful that I'm working this summer and I have a fabulous side job as well.

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