Dear Thankful Thursday, Get Rid of My Headache!

16 Aug
And we meet again, Thursday.  I’ve had a killer migraine all day, for which I am NOT thankful.  I was struggling to get any work done and could not get rid of Mr. Migraine.  I even choked down a cup of coffee! Ack! Since nothing else is working to clear my head, maybe making a nice list of things that make me happy will work! Let’s do it.

Today, I’m thankful…

…for a nice cool run this morning.  When I stepped outside, it was 67 degrees and breezy…SUCH a nice change from the disgusting humidity we’ve been having! It got me pumped up for fall running! 

…that my new baby Klean Kanteen arrived today! 🙂

I haven’t been the best at staying hydrated at my new job, so I needed a mini size water bottle to keep in my lab coat!  And being the super environmentally friendly person that I am, Klean Kanteen was the way to go. I love their bottles and I’m psyched to keep hydrated with this little pink guy!

…for a fabulous beach day with some cool people last Sunday.  Of course we didn’t take any pictures but it was beautiful and we had a grand ole time!

…for “our” new SodaStream! Roomie was basically dying for this awesome contraption, so it was the perfect birthday gift for her! It’s a fantastic way to make our club soda without buying and wasting plastic bottles! Gosh, we are so green! 🙂

…that NYC has so many runner-friendly routes/backdrops to explore! 
I took this baby midway over the Queensboro Bridge..ya know, running into Manhattan.  To learn more about this route and many others, check out the NYC Running Routes posts from fellow blogger, Kristin!
So this headache is still lurking around, but Thankful Thursday definitely helped pep me back up.  Tell me, what are you feeling thankful for?


One Response to “Dear Thankful Thursday, Get Rid of My Headache!”

  1. Mark August 17, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    Drink MORE Coffee !!!

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