I’m Thankful For Thursdays.

24 Aug
Oh, Thursday…how I love you! You signify the almost end to the work week and my rest day and the day I get to have a few drinks with friends! 🙂

I’m definitely thankful for Thursdays. I’m also thankful for…

…good things happening to good people.  I love when people in my life are happy! Some are having babies, some getting jobs…and it’s all awesome!  

…for runs with my dad. DUH.

…that The Color Run is Sunday! I’m pretty psyched to see what the “Happiest 5K on the Planet” is all about! Let’s go Team CT!

…for my new early morning running routine.  

Ahh…The sunrise over Con Edison.  Okay, so it’s no sandy beach or mountain view…but I’ll take it! I’m really liking that my runs are done and over with before most people start their days.  I feel super accomplished.

…for this cool gift from cuz:
It’s lip balm.  By ClifBar. I know..I don’t even really understand it, but I’m loving it.

Okay…it’s late! You go! What are you thankful for?! 


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