Tis the Season for Thankful Thursday!

20 Dec
Happy Thursday!  Even though Christmas is just days away, I haven’t really gotten into the holiday spirit yet!  Let’s start this edition of Thankful Thursday to get me into a jollier mood!  This week I’m thankful for…
…getting accepted into the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile race with Beth, Abby and Jen! I can’t wait to start planning for this awesome weekend!

…my sweet little old resident who gave me a handmade beaded necklace for Christmas.  He absolutely made my day and the smile on his face when I wore it was priceless!

…this beast.

…for my Secret Santa.  Love youuu! 🙂  I’m also thankful for lots of holiday party time spent with my amazing friends.  Bring on those laugh lines!

Neon socks, Modell’s & VS Gift Cards

…hot chocolate.  I mostly drink tea, but sometimes a hot cocoa with a little whipped cream hits the spot! And itwas just perfect in the souvenir mug from the NYC Runs Hot Chocolate 10K!
…that I’m able to spend Christmas day with (most of) my family and celebrate it’s true meaning.  In my family Christmas definitely comes even “without packages, boxes or bags.”  And I’m so very thankful for that!
Tell me.  Are you in the holiday spirit yet? Or are you being a Grinch?  What are you feeling thankful for?

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