Talk About Your Joys

26 Sep

Negativity is everywhere.  Life can easily become overwhelming with all of the things we worry about: money, work, stress, illness, death.  But focusing on negative things aren’t going to help us become better or happier people.  And also—LIFE IS GOOD!

No matter what crazy/angry/bitter thoughts go through my head on a given day….

“Ugh, why is there so much traffic?”

“Will these bills EVER end?”

“I hate tourists.”

…I try to always bring myself back to the positive.  Yeah, traffic sucks, but maybe it’s due to an accident.  And I’m thankful I’m not the one in that accident.  Yeah, bills stink, but I’m lucky enough to have a job that pays those bills (and supports my running gear/race entry habit 😉 ).  You get the idea.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Too often we spend time talking about our problems.  And too little we spend time talking about our joys.  So here’s your reminder to stop, no matter what is going on in your life, and take some time today to talk about (or just think about) your joys.

I’ll start!  Here are a few of my current joys:

My nephew. I can’t help but smile when I see this blue-eyed big head boy!


The boyfriend. He’s a keeper.


Dark Chocolate. Enough said.


Early solo runs.  

There’s just something about running alone with my thoughts through a city of millions and catching some fantastic views.


This dude:


My “big legs”.  They may have some scars and make jean shopping difficult, but I’m damn proud of my big legs.  They’re going to carry me through 26.2 miles in less than 2 months! 🙂


Now it’s your turn! Tell me, what are your joys?  Do you take time to focus on the positive?


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