Marathon Training: Week 11

1 Oct

Last week was a kick-ass week of training.  This week has been a mess and mentally kicked my ass.  After my 20-miler (with one speedy mile) on Sunday, I felt great.  The days following, I started feeling (or making up) various pains and injuries.  My hip, where I had a stress fracture 4 years ago, has been achy all week.  Toward the end of the week, despite not really running as planned, my knee and ITB started acting up.  Needless to say, this week has been a serious struggle for me.  I played it smart and skipped a few workouts, ran very low mileage, and used the foam roller and stick a ton.  I know this is/was the right thing to do, but can’t help feeling discouraged and disappointed in my training this week.  Let’s recap:

Monday: Rest (planned)

Tuesday: 3 easy miles.  I usually run before work, but pushed my run back to get a sweet 9 hours of sleep!  I felt creaky and slow during the run, but it felt good to be moving my legs.

Wednesday: Revolve 45 min Body Ride with Jason.  Love him and this class, as usual.

Thursday: Unplanned rest.  The schedule had 4 easy miles + 4 strides and once again I chose sleeping in over running before work.  I knew I could fit those in after work and before Ladies’ Night at JackRabbit, but my hip continued to feel achy throughout the day and I ended up skipping it altogether.  I figured I would just push it off to Friday…

Friday: Rest, again.  Hip still hurt and I’m terrified of overdoing it and injuring myself.  Coach Abby assures me it’s okay to take more rest days if needed, so that’s what I’m doing. 

Saturday: More rest.  Oops.  I was supposed to do 3ish miles, but still very nervous about my hip.  Instead, I used all of my running enthusiasm for spectating and cheering on the Hamptons Half Marathon.  My cousin Steph and her Team in Training teammates ran an awesome race and I’m so proud of them!

Go Team Ellen!

Go Team Ellen!

Sunday: Bronx 10 Mile Race (10:08 average pace).  Phew! I RAN!  I was planning on doing 12 total, adding on a few miles after the race but that just didn’t happen.  I ran this race with my long run buddy Beth and a few other lovely ladies (Kara, Ashley, Allison, Nicole and Bernadette).  It was a great course and I felt pretty good the whole time, although my hip reminded me it was there.  We finished strong, BETH PR’ed (by 8+ minutes!!!!) and some of the girls continued on their long runs while I went home and foam rolled like crazy.


Running with friends=fun!

Total weekly mileage: 13  (Crap.  Am I training for a marathon or what…?)

Overall this was not my best week, physically or mentally.  Here’s hoping for a stronger and better week 12, which concludes with the Wineglass Half Marathon!!! If I’m feeling good and the conditions are right, I’m aiming for a pretty serious PR this weekend.  Fingers crossed, stay tuned! 😉


4 Responses to “Marathon Training: Week 11”

  1. Beth October 1, 2013 at 2:36 pm #

    DO NOT get discouraged. Marathon training will give us some crappy weeks. It’s par for the course. We have ALL had crappy training weeks, it’s just a tough pill to swallow coming off SUCH an outstanding week of training. You pushed your body HARD last week and it just needs a few extra days of TLC. You are killing your training, one week will not make a difference. And I bet the extra rest will pay off BIG TIME this weekend at the Wineglass Half Marathon. I’m so excited to see you CRUSH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep your chin up friend, you’re doing absolutely amazing!

    • Kim October 1, 2013 at 3:59 pm #

      Thanks! You’re the best! Can’t wait for Wineglass!


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