Marathon Training: Week 14

21 Oct

So as of today, there are 27 days until I run my first marathon!  How the heck did that sneak up on me?  I’ve been posting my training recaps each week, but now it seems like it’s really getting REAL.  And the fear is setting in!  I’m struggling, physically and mentally.  With this ITB/hip thing still bugging me, I’m now in regular PT and focusing on training smart so that I can be at the start (and finish!) line of the Philly Marathon in a few weeks!

Monday: Rest + my second PT appointment with Spring Forward Physical Therapy

Tuesday:  6 easy miles (10:32 avg pace).  My schedule originally had some speedy mile repeats, but I scrapped that plan to just get in some easy miles.  I still had pain on and off during the run, so there was no way I was pushing the pace even if I tried!

Wednesday: More PT + Revolve 45 min Body Ride with Jason.  I really missed spin for the last two weeks and it felt great to get sweaty in a completely pain-free way!

Thursday: This was supposed to be 7 miles with the last at 8:15 paces.  Then I had my first marathon freakout, ran 1 mile and walked 1 mile home.  FAIL.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: This was supposed to be a 10-mile LR, but between the mental breakdown and ever-present ache/pain, I opted for rest.  I knew that forcing myself to do 10 uncomfortable miles was only going to be a mental struggle and make me feel worse.  In the long run, a missed 10-miler is not going to set me back from reaching the finish line in Philly (I hope!).  I did my daily PT exercises and a strength workout instead. 

Sunday: Rest.  I thought about pushing the long run to today, but ultimately decided to completely skip it.  I spent a few hours chasing after my little nephew instead.  That’s sort of like running, right? image

Total weekly mileage:  6 miles! As my dear friend Beth says, 6 miles=the things marathons are made of!

Especially after another low mileage week, I’m terrified that my amazing first marathon is slipping away from me.  But I’m not giving up yet!  I have PT again tonight and I’m feeling hopeful for a few easy weekday runs leading up to my 22 miler on Sunday.  Wish me luck! 🙂

Have you had to work through an injury or have less-than-ideal training?   How do you deal?



One Response to “Marathon Training: Week 14”

  1. Beth October 21, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    GOOD LUCK on your 22 miles this weekend!!!!! There now that that’s out of the way! As my dad would say, “Keep your beak up!” When you get frustrated and upset and feel like it’s all slipping it away, remember that it’s not, I promise! Remember that GREAT 18 mile run you had just a little over a week ago. Remember that I hadn’t done a long run in three weeks and went on to have a successful 22 mile run this weekend. It may have been slower than my training would show I’m capable of, but I did it! And the pace didn’t matter because I was running. Remember you still have a month to keep training. YOU ARE RUNNING THIS MARATHON!!!!! You just keep telling yourself that. You say, “I AM RUNNING THIS MARATHON!!!!” I believe in you and this marathon… you do it too! I love you friend, you will get through this and you will shine in Philly in 27 days. I’m so proud of you and will be there cheering for you and beaming with pride when I see my friend cross the finish line of her very first marathon! With a smile on her face and her hands in the air. Keep up doing all the things you are supposed to be doing and thinking positive thoughts ONLY!!!!! isn’t that what you told me?? ❤

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