Marathon (Kind Of) Training: Week 16

4 Nov

I didn’t want to write this post.  I used to get excited about writing my training recaps, so much that I would draft them in advance and update them immediately after I completed the days workout.  Now, I feel so separated from training, I don’t even feel like I should bother writing a recap. Am I training?  Am I still even running the marathon?  It sure doesn’t feel that way.  Day to day it changes.  I haven’t seen any significant improvement in my pain level and most days it hurts just to walk.  I saw a doctor on Friday and confirmed that I do not have a stress fracture.  Which makes sense, because the pain is in multiple areas, it comes and goes with barely any pattern and hurts even when I’m not doing something with impact.  He also said not to run for 2 weeks.  How convenient, since I’m supposed to be running a MARATHON in 2 weeks.  Actually, 13 days, but who’s counting?  PT calls my issue  “lateral stress syndrome” and says I just need to continue stability work and strengthening to be able to run healthy long term.  That’s all well and good, but I have my heart set on this stupid marathon.  I’ve trained my butt off and am seriously doubting I’ll get to reap the rewards of my hard work.  I haven’t run any significant mileage in the last 3 weeks.  5 week taper?  Sound like a great way to get to the finish line of your first marathon.  So mentally, I’m not in a great place.  But I’m a stubborn lady and I’m keeping my head up.  I’m going to rest.  And spin or do the elliptical if it doesn’t hurt.  This week I’m going on vacation and I’m not going to let this marathon stress come with me.  And hopefully I’ll have a good outcome.  For now, I’ll recap my non-training for you:

Monday: PT

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Attempted run=Fail.

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: Doctor appointment=No more running. Awesome

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Spectating the ING NYC Marathon!

image (3)

Me, Abby & Steph

This was awesome, inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time.  I loved cheering on both friends and strangers who ran on Sunday, but I couldn’t help but feel sad that I might not get to run MY marathon as planned.  So it’s a good thing that I was able to pour my heart into cheering for my best training buddy, Beth! She is amazing, ran with a smile and completed her very first marathon yesterday!  Go congratulate her on running an incredible race!


Smiles at Mile 18=SUCH an inspiration!

Total weekly miles: ZERO.  Not exactly what we call marathon training.


Tell me…how do you deal when sidelined with an injury?  What’s worse…DNS or DNF?  Who is your running inspiration? 


One Response to “Marathon (Kind Of) Training: Week 16”

  1. Beth November 5, 2013 at 6:31 pm #

    First, I love you! Thank you for always being the BEST cheerleader; on the race course and in life. There is NO WAY that Sunday was possible without you. I know this situation is far from ideal and not what you dreamed your first marathon would be but you ARE a stubborn lady and you will have to lean on that for the next 12 days. Fight until the end and never give up! You’ve always been like that, keep up the good work 😉 I hope you rest your mind and have the best vacation this week. No matter what marathon day will bring, please KNOW that I will be by your side NO MATTER WHAT! That’s just what “best training buddies” do. Love you friend! Fingers crossed.

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