PocketFuel: Whole Food Fuel

29 Jan

For runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes, proper fueling (both daily and during exercise) is essential.  But for many, it can be stressful.  What should you be eating to fuel your workouts?  How much?  When?  Most athletes have their go-to sports nutrition product. Some prefer gels, others only use chews, some stick to just sports drinks.  Ask any 5 athletes what they use, and I’d bet you get 5 different answers.  A lot of it is a matter of personal preference.  And there is a lot of information out there about what products are “best”.  But what does “best” even mean to you?  Is it the best combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes and fluids to get you through a workout?  Or does it mean providing your body all of those things without any additives or processed ingreidents?  I get a lot of questions about fueling exercise using whole, natural foods vs. using processed sports nutriton products.  Is that even possible?  Absolutely! 

You guys know I love learning about new products to recommend/share with all of you, so I was pumped when I saw someone tweet about a product called PocketFuel.  I immediately reached out to see what they’re all about!  Co-founder Heidi got back to me quickly and sent me a bunch of samples to review.  Sweet! 


They sent me samples of both their nut butter blends and cold brew coffee energy shots. There are 5 almond butter and 2 hazelnut based blends, both combined with dried fruits and seeds. 


The flavors: Banana Blueberry, Coconut Cherry, Chocolate Espresso, Chia Gogi & Honey, Pineapple Coconut, Chocolate Haze (hazelnut based), Vanilla Haze (hazelnut based)

The Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shots come in Vanilla, Mocha and Java and have a little coconut milk mixed in!

PocketFuel is different than a lot of the popular sports nutrition products because it is made from whole foods.  Most sports nutrition products bases are maltodextrin, fructose and other sugars, whereas the base of PocketFuel is nut butter.  This means it is higher in fats and lower in carbohydrates, and it tends to be higher in calories per serving than most other sports nutrition products.

I’m not a huge hazelnut fan, but I LOVE almond butter so I was pumped to give PocketFuel a try!  I went with Chia Goji & Honey first, and took it after work on my way to the gym.  


Verdict:  Delicious.  The consistency is way different than sports gels, which I guess I should have expected.  It’s basically flavored nut butter!  TheyI loved the addition of little pieces of dried fruit and seeds, which added a little crunch.  I definitely had to take this with water…because well, it’s nut butter and it’s sticky!  You do have to “squish and squeeze” the pouches as PocketFuel recommends before eating to distribute the contents.

Since then I’ve also tried the Banana Blueberry and boyfriend took both of the coconut-flavored ones.  They taste great and at 150-200 calories, provide a great size “snack” to fuel workouts.  I could eat PocketFuel alone or spread it on toast or fruit!  It’s really good.  I have to admit, I haven’t tried it “on the run” yet, because I haven’t been doing any runs long enough to require fuel.  😦  But I can tell you, I wouldn’t mind eating it on a long run…I think I’d probably just have to stop to eat it and wash it down.  It’s not as easy to throw back as a chew or Gu. 

As far as the energy shots, I’m not a coffee person so I made boyfriend test those out!  It’s organic cold brew coffee with organic coconut milk and either chocolate or vanilla, which I think sounds delicious if I enjoyed coffee.  The PocketFuel site explains the texture is pudding-like and that’s just what boyfriend said!  He said the flavor was good and it was a nice energy boost.  [Each shot contains 70mg of caffeine, which is just a little less than a normal cup of coffee.]

All in all, I love and highly recommend PocketFuel products for anyone looking to fuel their lives with real, whole foods.  They’re portable, nutritious and more importantly, delicious!  I totally see myself taking PocketFuel on hikes or longer road trips, and I already keep one in my purse for a quick snack!  Another thing I love about this company is their dedication to creating a healthier planet in addition to healthier people.  They now sell a reusable soft flask to hold any of their products!  If you want to try PocketFuel for yourself, you can shop online or at REI stores in the greater NYC area. 

What’s your go-to fuel?  Have you tried PocketFuel?  Tell me about it!


Disclaimer:  PocketFuel provided my samples to review.  I was not compensated for this post in any way and all thoughts and opinions are solely my own.


One Response to “PocketFuel: Whole Food Fuel”

  1. Kara January 29, 2014 at 9:18 pm #

    So excited to hear you liked it…I definitely want to give it a try! I wonder how it would work on a long run…guess I’ll have to test it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Also…not a hazelnut fan either! Yuck.

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