Weekend Fun

3 Feb

Gooood morning. Happy Monday, friends!  Although we seem to be welcoming the polar vortex back to NYC this morning, I want to recap my weekend full of family and friends, not to mention much milder winter weather.

I wasn’t at work on Friday and was able to run some errands.  I received a Gap e-mail coupon that morning, so decided to stop in for a little shopping.  I ended up getting this awesome Gap Fit wind breaker jacket (originally priced $98) for only $36!  Steal!  And super cute in pink, right?


Friday was also my little nephew’s first birthday (how has it already been a year??), so Saturday was his birthday party!  I knew I would be going for a run Sunday, so I chose to do an at-home workout in the morning before the party.  I didn’t follow any specific plan, but ended up doing about 50 squats, push-ups, side lunges and crunches.  I also used my Reebok free weights to do bicep curls, tricep extensions and lateral raises.  It was a quick but effective workout, but can get frustrating because I get attacked by a certain bulldog.  He does NOT like those weights for some reason!


In the afternoon, we celebrated little man’s 1st birthday!!!  I scooped him up for some auntie time as soon as I could…


Then he got lots of presents, and his very own Cookie Monster cake!  Don’t worry, RD auntie did explain to him that the cake is NOT, in fact, just one serving.  😉


He still didn’t want to share, so thankfully my sister-in-law made us individual Cookie Monster cupcakes!  So cute.  How talented is she?


Sunday morning I woke up nice and early to drive into the city for the NYRR Gridiron 4-mile race.  The plan was to just have a fun run with my friends, and that’s exactly what we did!  The weather was so perfect.  In fact, I should have followed Leticia and Brittany’s lead and run in shorts, it was that warm for the race!  I was so happy to see most of my running buddies and the miles flew by as we chatted our way through Central Park! Also, big thank you shout out to Coach Abby (& fiance Anthony) for coming out to cheer!


Anne, Leticia, Brittany, Allison, Beth, Bernadette & Me

After the race we got coffee, tea & bagels and hung out a bit more before I headed back to LI.  Most people were preparing for or heading to their Super Bowl parties, but since my NY Giants stunk it up again this year I wasn’t that invested in the “big game”.  I opted out of the parties and decided to knock out my grocery shopping and meal prep instead.  I still watched the game at home (still can’t believe what a disaster it ended up being!) and even made myself a single-serving batch of guac!


After a busy and fun-filled weekend, it was early to bed for me.  And I woke up to a messy, snowy NYC.  Let’s hope it doesn’t stick around too long!

 Tell me,,,What fun did you have this weekend?  Go shopping & find good sales?  What did you think of the Super Bowl?  



One Response to “Weekend Fun”

  1. Beth February 5, 2014 at 6:53 pm #

    This weekend was the BEST! Just like old times, only not as hot and humid. SO happy you had a great first race back. Only good things coming your way this year, friend!

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