Tuesday Ramblings

25 Feb

Good morning and happy Tuesday to you all!  Today’s post is going to be a little random, but I have some fun things I want to share with you all.

First of all, it seems like everyone loved my Stitch Fix post from last week!  I have to admit, it was kind of fun to play dress up and post about something other than sweating or eating for once. 🙂  I got a lot of great responses to the post, so I’ll probably share my next “fix” too!  In the meantime, if you want to get a fix for yourself, feel free to use my referral link.

A few weeks back, I also wrote about how I registered for the NYC Marathon (eek!) and my plan to tackle the pre-training period for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.  Well, it’s going very well and I’m feeling good headed back into training.  I’ve been pretty consistent with my workouts and continue to focus on strength & yoga with my gradually increasing mileage.  I’m also being a good RD and paying better attention to my eating/fueling, making sure I always have my healthy snacks and meals planned and prepped.


Clockwise from top left: farro, brussels sprouts, HB eggs, pumpkin granola, quinoa and sweet potato/black bean burgers!

On Saturday, I was thrilled to be able to complete my “long run” (5 miles) outside!!! It warmed up to around 50 degrees this weekend, and it was absolutely glorious to ditch the treadmill to pound the pavement. Although the snow is starting to melt, the biking/running path in Bethpage Park was not cleared, so I stuck to the roads around the golf course.  It was sunny, beautiful and so refreshing to be outside!


Hello, sunshine!

Since I moved to Long Island, I haven’t run outside too much but I definitely still miss my old running routes and my running buddies.  My LR buddy Beth has a broken wing right now, so couldn’t run with me anyway…but I decided to take her along with me via text.  I sent her pictures along the way and it really helped me stick to my easy long-run pace!  Thanks, friend! {sidenote: any Long Islanders out there wanna be running buddies?}

So training for the Brooklyn Half marathon starts next week and I’m pretty eager to see how it goes.  I’m also considering joining my favorite runner ladies to run the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in April (since Beth is out with a broken wing, I may take her place!).  We made a weekend of it last year and had an absolute blast! 

I’m pumped to see what Coach has in store for me this training cycle and I’m really focused on injury prevention this time around.  I’m going to stick to my strength training and yoga, and even incorporate aqua running!  The good people at Aqua Jogger are sending me a water running belt, so stay tuned for my thoughts on that! 🙂

Speaking of product reviews, I received some samples from Neat foods yesterday!  Neat is a vegetarian meat-substitute product that is soy-free and gluten free.  It’s made from nuts and other natural ingredients and currently comes in three flavors: original, italian and mexican.


Neat: Original, Mexican, Italian

I’m so excited to try it out and let you guys know how it is!  Although I choose to follow a vegetarian diet, I do sometimes find myself wanting meat…especially when my meat-loving boyfriend is chowing down on bacon!  😉  So I’m hoping this product can satisfy some of that craving without the added preservatives and junk that most “meat substitutes” contain.  And as an added bonus, Neat is letting me giveaway 3 packets (1 of each flavor) to a lucky reader. Stay tuned for my full review and giveaway!

Have you tried Neat or any other meat substitutes?  Enjoy aqua running/jogging?  I’d love to hear your thoughts! 



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