NNM: 5 Ways to Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right

6 Mar


The other day, I mentioned that March is National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”, so today I figured I’d share my favorite tips on how to enjoy eating healthfully!

Try something new.  Do you shy away from certain healthy foods because you don’t know how to prepare or cook them?  You may just be missing out! Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a food you’ve heard of but never tried (bonus points if it’s a fruit or veggie!) google ways to prepare it and give it a shot!  Looking for meal inspiration?  Check out Pinterest too!  Some of my current off-the-beaten-path food suggestions? Spaghetti squash, farro (or freekeh!) and artichokes.

Spice things up! Many people think eating healthy means plain grilled chicken, brown rice and bland veggies.  How boring!  There are plenty of ways to add flavor to healthy foods without sacrificing nutrition.  Try cooking veggies and grains in low-sodium broth instead of water.  Add nutmeg or cinnamon to your breakfast oats or yogurt.  And really, hot sauce on everything!? 🙂

Go seasonal. Enjoying foods during their peak seasons can make a world of difference in flavor. Right now, in the NY area some local season produce include apples, carrots, onions, potatoes and squash. 

Make it worth it.  Seriously, does anyone feel satisfied after eating one of those 100-calorie packs?  Reduced fat peanut butter-what’s the point of that?!?!  Choosing nutrient-dense, satisfying foods over low-calorie/reduced-fat packaged products is the way to go.  A juicy apple with 2 Tbsp of regular nut butter will be so much more nutritious (and satisfying) than reduced-fat “spread” on tasteless rice cakes.

Be mindful.  Take the time to enjoy your food.  Sounds simple, right?  But how many times do you actually let yourself sit down and take in your meal?  I mean, really enjoy it.  Smell it, chew it, taste it and swallow it.  Without the distraction of TV or buzz of your iPhone!  Creating a positive eating environment through small changes (think comfortable lighting, fewer distractions) can translate into big nutritional benefits!

Tell me…what are your tips for enjoying healthy foods?  Favorite recipes?  How are you celebrating National Nutrition Month?!



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