Brooklyn Half Training Weeks 1&2

17 Mar

Happy Monday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I love St. Patrick’s Day and am bummed that I won’t really be “celebrating” this year.  I have work all day and a CrossFit date with a friend tonight, which is almost like drinking Guiness and eating soda bread, right?! 😉 

Speaking of prioritizing fitness, I’m thrilled to say I’m officially back to training.  I’m running the Brooklyn Half Marathon as my spring race and I’m already 2 weeks into training.  And since people seemed to enjoy following along with my marathon training in the fall, I figured I’d post my 1/2 training too!  Since I’m coming off of an injury, my plan is to build my base very slowly and focus on my strength and crosstraining.  So here are my first two weeks of workouts:

Monday (3/3): Spin (45 min)-I’ve been taking spin classes at my NYSC in Hicksville and although it’s better than the ones I took at NYSC in the city, it is NOWHERE NEAR as good as Revolve. Or Flywheel. Wah! I really have to push myself in these classes, but the classes are included in the membership and it’s been a good way to get sweaty for crosstraining days.

Tuesday (3/4): (4 miles, 5x1min @ 9:00 pace)- My first “speed work” of this training cycle!  I felt good throughout this run and loved being outside again!4miles

Wednesday (3/5):  Spin (45 min)-Blah.

Thursday (3/6): Rest

Friday (3/7): 45 min Yoga.  I combined a few of the shorter yoga videos on Daily Burn and it felt fantastic.

Saturday (3/8): Long run-6 easy (9:56 average pace).  Since I moved to Long Island in December, the wretched winter has kept me indoors for most of my running.  And when I did get outside, I stuck to pretty much the only path I knew, in nearby Bethpage Park.  Now that training has started and my distances will be getting longer, I want to explore more of the island on my runs.  So boyfriend recommended I head to Cedar Creek Park, which has an entrance to a paved path to Jones Beach. It was a beautiful route and I can’t wait to run it again when I have long distances on the schedule!  Here are some pics I snapped along the way…


Path along the Wantagh State Parkway


Maybe LI running isn’t so bad…?


My new QB bridge, with less elevation and fewer angry cyclists!


Selfie I sent to my running buddy, Beth! 🙂

Sunday (3/9): Rest

Monday (3/10): Spin (45min)


Post-spin pigeon!

Tuesday (3/11): Unplanned rest day.  It was beautiful outside…almost 60 degrees and sunny! I was so pumped to get home from work and go for a run.  Instead, I got rear ended on the Grand Central Parkway, felt some back tightness and thought it would be smarter to a rest day.  Boo.

Wednesday (3/12): 5 amazingly rainy miles (9:42 avg pace).  It started drizzling on my way home, and all I wanted to do was get home and crawl into my bed.  But I missed my run on Tuesday and I have been SO stressed and cranky lately, and I knew a run would help.   I hit up Bethpage Park and did most of my run along the bike path trail, which was awesome.


Love a good trail run!

It was just me and one cyclist on the path braving the wind and rain and this run couldn’t have been more therapeutic.  [Sidenote:  cyclists in Long Island are so nice and don’t scream or swear at you! It’s so different than NYC…]  I ended my run completely soaked and freezing, but felt SO much better than when I started.  Don’t you love how running does that?



Thursday (3/13): Another unplanned rest day. Oops!  I got some great news, so boyfriend and I went out to dinner (& ice cream) to celebrate! 🙂

Friday (3/14):  Since I already threw off my training plan this week, I figured I’d use today to try out my new AquaJogger in the pool!  I called New York Sports Club, confirmed when I could use the pool and they even reassured me I could bring the buoyancy belt no problem.  I was nervous because I’m not a great swimmer and didn’t want to disrupt “real” swimmers by taking up a lane.  But I got myself psyched up, only to walk into the pool and find out the “deep” end was 3’10”. 


Not suitable for Deep Water Running…

Think they might mention that when I said I wanted to do DEEP WATER RUNNING?! Fail.  So I did what I call swimming for 25 minutes and left. 

Saturday (3/15): 8 mile long run (9:48 average pace).  I ran the path to Jones Beach and back again, and took my buddy Beth (#brokenwing) along via text/pictures.  She reminded me that this was my longest run since OCTOBER, which I hadn’t even realized.  I felt no pain at all and feel stronger than ever! Fingers crossed we stay that way! 🙂



Sunday (3/16): Rest/Cheering for #allthepeople at the New York City Half Marathon!  HUGE shoutout to my coach, Abby on her incredible PR of 1:35:58!  She’s freakin fast!!! Also a big congrats to Jen, who went sub-2 depsite having a tough race! After the race, a bunch of my favorite runner ladies met up for brunch. 


Nicole, Allison, Abby, Me, Steph & Beth!

All in all, a great day…and a great start to my training! Dare I say, I’m back…?! 🙂

Are you running a spring race? How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day today!?  Tell me about it!



3 Responses to “Brooklyn Half Training Weeks 1&2”

  1. Kara March 18, 2014 at 1:33 am #

    I love following along with your training! What an awesome week (minus your car getting rear ended, ugh! Hope everything is okay). Congrats on your great news, whatever it is 🙂

    Oh and I can’t believe they didn’t tell you how not-deep the pool is. What a bummer!

    • Kim March 18, 2014 at 11:55 am #

      Aw, thanks friend! I hope we can get together soon!


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