Brooklyn Half Training Week 5

7 Apr

I can’t believe I’m already 5 weeks into training for the Brooklyn Half marathon.  I felt like my first two recaps got pretty lengthy since they were 2 weeks, so today I’ll recap just last week!  Let’s see how it went…

Monday: CrossFit.  We learned medicine ball cleans & sumo dead lift high pulls.  An a WOD:


Tuesday: 4 miles (9:53 average pace)

Wednesday: More CrossFit 🙂
Building up from Monday, we learned hang/power cleans then did another workout:

3 rounds of 3 min AMRAP (2min rest between rounds):
1. 5 cleans, 10 push-ups
2. 4 cleans, 10 sit-ups
3. 3 cleans, 3 burpees

Thursday: CrossFit.  Seriously, who am I?  Today we upgraded from the clean to the snatch.  We had a different instructor than usual and I honestly wasn’t feeling him.  We didn’t get a lot of feedback on our form, and given that snatches are one of the toughest moves in CF, I was annoyed by that.

The WOD was 3 rounds: 200 meter run, 10 snatches, 10 situps

Friday: 3 miles Rest.  I was stressed and needed to pack for Cherry Blossom and travel for this week, so I skipped my run.

Saturday: Rest.  And #allthepita at dinner to carb up for the Cherry Blossom race!


After dinner in DC!


Sunday:  Cherry Blossom! 10 miles (10:01 average pace).  I “bandited” this race by running with Beth’s bib since she has a #brokenwing and couldn’t.  Allison and I ran together the whole time and just had fun taking in the sights.  Overall, awesome weekend with my favorite runner friends.  🙂

Weekly Mileage: 14 (probably a little on the low side, but oh well.  I’ll step it up this week!)

Are you training for a spring race?  Did you run Cherry Blossom!?  Tell me about it!




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