Brooklyn Half Training Week 7

21 Apr

Happy #MarathonMonday y’all!  I’m so excited for and inspired by everyone running the Boston Marathon this morning.  I’ve already favorited and liked about a million tweets and Instagram posts and can’t wait to keep it up all day.  Good luck runners!

While I’m feeling inspired by the amazing running world, let’s recap my own training.   There is just one month left til the Brooklyn Half.  I think I’m in a good place, although still undecided about what my goals will be.  I’ve been hitting the paces coach has thrown my way and I certainly feel stronger.  But I haven’t really done any crazy speed work, because honestly I’m terrified to push anything too hard.  So that’s where I’m at for now.  You can check out my last few weeks of training recapped here, but this is how last week went…

Monday 4/14: CrossFit 516.  We warmed up with a twist on dodgeball.  Medicine balls in the center of the gym, sprints to get a ball, whoever is left without a ball had a “punishment” (think burpees, squats, push-ups).  Tyler (owner&coach) even switched it up a few times and those who DID get a ball had to do the punishment.  Then we worked on form with 4 rounds of: 12 x seated DB overhead press, 1 min jump rope (one day I’ll get DUs), 12 x DB row.  Finally, we did a partner WOD.  10 min AMRAP: 1 burpee each x 5, then take turns doing 5 air squats each.

Tuesday 4/15: Coach put 6 miles with 10 x 1-minute intervals at 8:30 pace on the schedule.  The forecast was calling for rain, but it was supposed to hold out until late morning so I decided to get up early and get the workout out of the way.  I got about a mile in before it started absolutely pouring.  I was wearing a water resistant (not waterproof) jacket and hat, but it didn’t matter.  I was drenched and felt weighed down.  I don’t want to make excuses, except I’m about to.  The rain really effed up my speed workout, if only mentally.  I ended up doing 5.5 miles and 10 intervals, but at a totally varied pace.  I’m terrible at feeling paces out, even with a Garmin…so the times were anywhere from 7:45-9:00.  Oh well, I’m glad I did something!

Wednesday 4/16: CrossFit 516.  Our beginner class worked out together with the regular class, so we got more of a taste of what real workouts will be like.  It was a little modified, but looked something like this:


Thursday 4/17: 4 easy (9:37 average pace).  I went out early Thursday AM after taking that late CF class Wed night, so my legs weren’t quite recovered.  I felt sluggish, but my pace didn’t reflect that, so I’ll take it!

Friday 4/18: Rest. Ahhhhh. 🙂

Saturday 4/19: 9 miles (4 easy, 3 @ 9:15, 2 easy).  I ran the Bethpage State Park trail down to the Massapequa Preserve and the weather was absolutely perfect for a spring long run.


Along the Bethpage Bike path/Massapequa Preserve

Coach put a few faster miles in the middle of this long run and I was excited to challenge myself a bit.  As I mentioned earlier, I stink at feeling out pace and my Garmin makes you toggle back and forth to see current pace vs. total distance, so it was hard for me to judge what I was really running.  Here were my splits:



So I ran my first two “fast” miles a little too fast, but the third was right on target! Boom.

Sunday 4/20: Rest

Weekly mileage: 18.5

Help!  How do you feel out your pace?  What’s your spring goal race?  Are you cheering on #BostonStrong this morning?  Let’s chat about it.



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