CrossFit Beginnings & A Reebok Discount!

23 May
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. 

Happy Friday!  And Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I’m still feelin’ high from last weekend’s awesomeness, but looking forward to a holiday weekend just the same.  It should be another weekend filled with my friends, food and fitness.  And by fitness I mean CrossFit of course!  🙂  You guys, I’m over running for the time being.  I’m done with training and am loving that I don’t have to do any long runs for a while.  I know I’ll be excited about marathon training when the time comes…but for now, it’s all about CrossFit.

Having just graduated from beginner classes a few weeks ago, I only have a few “real” WODs under my belt but I’m already getting addicted.  I guess you can say I was hooked before I even started, though.  While I’m not going to the Games anytime soon, I did want to  have some basic gear I could wear for workouts.  Lucky for me (not for my wallet), I have plenty of clothes to sweat in and I just needed to swap my super-cushioned Asics for some CrossFit-friendly shoes.  Up until last week, I was wearing the Nike Free Bionic shoe I received for free at a Nike event last summer.  They’re designed for HIIT workouts and they worked okay, but I honestly don’t love them.  So when I was upstate a few weeks ago, I hit up the Reebok outlet and found these Reebok One trainers on super sale:


CrossFit buddy Liz called them my “Blues Clues Shoes”, which I was initially offended by, but will now embrace.  I wore them for the first time this week and they felt good during the WOD but not great during running.  And wouldn’t ya know, boyfriend loves a good deal just as much as I do…because he went to the outlets the other day and bought me some Reebok Nano 2.0s that were on sale!  He also bought himself another pair of 2.0s and a pair of 3.0s.  Is there such a thing as a shoe shopping addiction?  Because I think both boyfriend and I have a problem…


The little camo ones are mine! 🙂

After following Carrots N Cake and her CrossFit journey for years, I knew I had to also try out a Junk headband.  I’m a sucker for a pretty headband and these are not only cute, but apparently stay put during super sweaty WODs.


I ❤ Chevron.

I wore my junk for the first time on Wednesday and honestly, my initial reaction wasn’t great.  It slid off my head during the run warm-up and I was totally bummed.  But it redeemed itself during the WOD and didn’t budge unless I moved it.  Win.

But enough about the new gear, let’s talk workouts.  So far this week, Liz and I went to two classes and are hoping to get to an afternoon one today.  Monday was a fitness-based workout and included KB push presses, sit-ups, walking lunges and 400m runs.  In hindsight, I should’ve opted for the performance class, as my legs were still recovering from the Brooklyn Half.  But I was feeling good and ambitious and I can’t go back now.


That gibberish above was Wednesday’s WOD and I had to modify most of it.  For the thrusters (non-crossfitters: think squat+overhead press) I used 35lbs, I subbed knees-to-chest for toes-to-bar and stumbled through the wall climbs.  For the second half, I used 35lb for the kettlebell swings, 10lb for the wall balls and again, stumbled on the wall climbs.

After working on my mental game for the Brooklyn Half (and seeing great results from that), I started thinking about how I can apply it to CrossFit.  Because guys, CrossFit is incredibly humbling.  I’d like to think I’m pretty fit, having just run my 6th half marathon and all, but I’m soo not CrossFit fit.  I’ve known I have a weak core, but in most of these workouts it feels non-existent.  It hurts to get out of bed, to laugh or sneeze for days afterward and I can’t help but feel discouraged already.  I’m a competitive person and want to keep improving.  So I keep reminding myself that everyone has to start somewhere.


I can’t wait to be doing the badass stuff like muscle-ups and rope climbs.  But for now, I’m going to allow myself to be a beginner.  I’m excited to keep learning.  Especially from amazing athletes like my coaches at CrossFit 516 (who are heading to regionals next week!).  I’m going to focus on improving my form and worry about adding weight later.  I’m going to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  I’m going to keep stalking CF via social media and asking boyfriend a bazillion questions.  I’ve also asked him to give me his top tips for a newbie Crossfitter, so I’ll be sharing that in another post soon!

Since we’re talking CrossFit AND today kicks off Memorial Day Weekend… I wanted to share an awesome sale with you guys.  I recently became a Reebok affiliate and now I get to share their promos and sales with all of you!  This weekend is Reebok’s Memorial Day Weekend Sale!  Shoes, CrossFit, Classics, Apparel—even the Outlet store—everything is on sale! The deal is you get $15 off on $75 orders and $35 off on $125 orders. Simply enter the promo code MDW14 at checkout. This deal is enough to tempt me to buy even more CrossFit gear… 😉 But hurry — thes sale only lasts today until Monday, 5/26, so don’t miss out.(*Excludes custom merchandise and gift cards.) 

With all that said, I’m off to place a quick Reebok order and head to work!  Happy holiday weekend to you all!




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