A Week of Workouts

9 Jun

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great weekend.  It was absolutely beautiful here in Long Island and I even got to hit up the beach for the first time this summer!  🙂

So since I finished training for the Brooklyn Half, I have switched focus to CrossFit but haven’t really been chronicling my workouts here.  I am trying to find a balance of CrossFit and running while maintaining my mileage base because marathon training starts in a few weeks!  So let’s recap last week:

Monday: CrossFit

A) 3 sets, each for time: 500m row, rest 5min (goal: as fast as you can with each round being within 3-5 seconds of each other).  I did them 2:05, 2:05 and 2:04.

B) 4 rounds for time: 20 burpees, 15 toes to bar (knees to chest for me), 20 push presses (I started out ambitious and dropped down to use just the bar).

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: It was National Running Day, so I obviously had to run!


Running Day Selfie

I did an easy paced 5K in the morning and then went to CrossFit at night. The WOD was one of those sneaky ones that doesn’t look too bad at first, but ends up being pretty tough.

A) 30 seconds max double unders (singles for me!), 30 seconds max burpees, Rest 3 minutes.  Repeat 3 times!

B) 5 Rounds (each for time, scoring fastest and slowest with a goal of keeping each round as close to a minute as possible):

12 Hang Power Cleans (I used 35lb)

10 box jump overs (20″ box)

4 minutes rest between

My slowest round was 1:01 and fastest was 55 seconds.

Thursday: CrossFit, but really I’m counting this one as a running day.  Woof.  My box offers a choice between “Endurance” and “Olympic Lifting” classes on Thursdays and I chose endurance.  The workout was a beast:

  • 400m run, then 2 sets of: 50ft high knees, 50ft butt kicks, 100ft skips, 200m run
  • 10 minutes stretching
  • 2 sets: 200m sprint
  • For times: 1 mile run, 10-15min rest, 1 mile run (So…what you’re saying is mile repeats?)—>My miles were 8:50 and 8:35. I’ll take it!
  • 800m recovery walk
  • 10 minutes mobility (Hi foam roller, my dear friend!)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 9 miles through the Massapequa Preserve.  I got started around 8am and it was already pretty warm so I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer.  It seems like the days of 5:30-6am weekend alarms are upon us!


I took it nice and easy on this run and just enjoyed my surroundings.  I also texted my running buddies Beth & Liz as they were heading out to run too!  Even if I can’t run with buddies in person, it’s so helpful to know they’re out there getting it done with me.  As marathon training starts and my runs become longer, I’ll definitely need to get my butt into the city and run with people though.




Sunday: Rest.  At the beach.  Perfection!

So there you have it! I fit in about 14ish miles and 3 CrossFit classes this week, which I think is a good start on finding my balance.  Here’s to a new week and even more sweat!

How did you get your sweat on this week?  Do you prefer running solo or with friends? T ell me about it!



One Response to “A Week of Workouts”

  1. Annie Hauser (@anniehauser) June 10, 2014 at 9:47 am #

    You’re pretty much a beast! Nice job with all the CrossFit 🙂

    These days I can only run with the BF — 1 to 2 miles at the most. After 9 months off or whatever it’s been, I just can’t do it by myself anymore.

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