Weekly Workout Recap

16 Jun

Happy Monday y’all!  Another week is behind us and I’m another week closer to starting marathon training again.  Ahh! Until then, I’ll keep posting my weekly workouts as I continue to figure running and Crossfit.  This week was a big fail on both of those fronts.   I was not feeling 100% during the week and then spent the weekend upstate celebrating bride-to-be Julia! 🙂  I still got some workouts in, but life definitely won out this week.  Here goes:

Monday 6/9: CrossFit.  I should NOT have gone to this class. I woke up Monday with what I thought were just bad allergies, as I was sneezing a lot during the day.  I went to class anyway, but felt weak and congested the entire time.  I was not able to put forth my best effort and was exhausted after the warm-up.  Do not follow in my footsteps! If you don’t feel up to a workout, don’t do it.  Lesson learned.

With all that said, the WOD went like this:

A) 2 rounds each for time of 500m row, 20 wall balls (I used 12lb) and 10 burpees, 6 minutes rest in between rounds.  I wanted to lay down and die after the first round.  I don’t even really know what my times were…goal was to survive.

Rest 10 minutes.

B) 2 rounds (score total reps during each round) of:

30 sec max front squat (I did 45lb and felt like it was 145lb)

1 min kettlebell swings (35lb)

30 sec max pull-ups (using green and blue bands)

1 min max box jump overs (20″ box)

Score was 110 overall and I couldn’t care less.  I won’t be using this for a reference because I shouldn’t have done this workout.  The end.

Tuesday 6/10: Rest. Obviously.

Wednesday 6/11: I started the day still feeling terrible, but miraculously felt better after working all day in CT.  So I opted to go to CrossFit and after seeing a WOD that I knew would be a pretty long one, told myself I would just take it as easy as possible.



I finished in 26:53 and seriously struggled through the push-ups, toes-to-bar (knees to chest for me) and wall climbs.  Can you tell my weaknesses are core and arm strength? Ha.

Thursday 6/12: Rest

Friday 6/13: Rest.  And that awesome 6 hour drive to Rochester…

Saturday 6/14: 6 incredible miles along the Auburn trail.  My phone doesn’t get great service up there, so I didn’t have any music, and it was just me and the path.  Great way to kick off a crazy weekend!


Sunday 6/15: Rest.  And more driving!

1 run, 2 CF classes and 4 days of rest.  Not the greatest, but it happens!  I’m aiming for at least 3 CF classes this week and a few solid runs.

How was your week of workouts?  Solid? Fail?  Tell me about it…




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