Week in Workouts 4

7 Jul

Good morning!  Hope you all had a great long weekend!  I definitely did, but as per usual, it went by way too fast and here we are on Monday again.  And I am officially ONE WEEK away from starting my marathon training!  I can’t lie…I’m really enjoying running whenever I want and however far I want for now and it’s going to be tough to get back into following a plan and doing everything coach tells me to.  But at the same time, I’m excited.  This past week I tried to get myself used to some morning workouts, which will become the norm with marathon training.  So let’s recap:

Monday 6/30-Woke up early to run 3 easy miles, then went to the gym after work.  The WOD (Workout of the Day) was pretty tough, but moved quickly and there was rest in between, so doable.  It looked like this:

2 sets (score total reps):

2 minutes of max shoulder to overhead (I used 45lb)

Rest 3 minutes

2 minutes max box jumps (20″ box)

Rest 3 minutes

2 minutes max pull-ups (I used a green and red band)

Rest 3 minutes

2 minutes max calorie row

Rest 6 minutes.

Score: 283 total reps.

Tuesday 7/1-Nice and easy 4 miles (10:24 average pace).  Ran in my new Junk Brands headband<—loving these for summer workouts because as gross as it sounds they soak up #allthesweat.

image (5)

Wednesday 7/2-Liz and I went to a 6am WOD and it was absolutely brutal.  You can see us getting warmed up in this video from CrossFit 516…(I’m on the left in purple pants and CF buddy Liz is to my right):

After the warm-up, it was time to jump aboard the Struggle Bus for the WOD, which was 2 rounds for time of: 800m run, 75 KettleBell swings (35lb), 35  burpees.  I finished in 27:20 and thought I was going to die at many points.  I broke up the kettlebell swings into 10 rep increments and tried to keep the burpees unbroken, but had to rest a few times.  The second 800m run felt like I was barely moving.  It was tough, but I’m glad we ended up doing it at 6am because it only got more humid as the day went on.  Woof.

Thursday 7/3-CrossFit.  Liz and I went to a 6pm class the night before a holiday weekend and shocker! not many people were there.  It was us and 6 men.  The workout was a partner WOD, so by default Liz and I were together.  No breaking us up this time!  Here’s what we had to do as a team

60 Deadlifts (we used 75lb)

80 Kettlebell goblet squats (35lb)

100 push-ups

120 Wall balls (I used 14lb)

Each of these were completed in 10-rep increments for each person, so you got to have a little bit of break.  But here’s the kicker!  Every minute of the workout, both partners had to stop what they were doing and complete 4 burpees each.  4 burpees doesn’t sound SO bad, but it meant that you had to watch the clock and strategically work your reps of each movement in…AND 4 burpees over 20+ minutes adds up to a lot of freakin burpees!!!  This was a tough workout for us ladies, especially because the guys in our class finished so much faster and were done while we still had to bust out more reps and thus, more burpees.  But the guys surrounded us and encouraged us to the very last rep.  Just a testament to the awesomeness of the CF community, always supporting the slowest athletes.

photo 1 (1)

It wasn’t pretty, but it got done!

Friday 7/4-Rest, a BBQ, a few beers and some fireworks!

Saturday-10 miles (10:36 average pace).  Not a bad run, but not a great run either.  It was PERFECT summer running weather…cool, low humidity, a little breezy!

photo 2 (1)

Sunday-Rest, a few yoga poses, stretching and foam rolling.

17 miles, 3 Crossfit classes and a whole lot of sweat.  One week left until NYCM training starts, friends!  How is your summer training going?  Lots of sweat?  Do tell! 



One Response to “Week in Workouts 4”

  1. kristin miller July 8, 2014 at 10:16 am #

    I have sweat envy!!! (And not NYC humidity sweat!) You are such a hard worker, such an inspiration!!! Can’t wait to cheer you on at NYCM!

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