NYCM Training: Week 3

4 Aug

Good morning, friends!  I’m moving a little slowly this morning because I. am. tired.  I put another week of workouts in the books, but I also spent last night celebrating the marriage of coach and her now husband!  She was absolutely stunning, the wedding was perfect and I couldn’t be happier for them! 


Runner/Internet friends are the best! xo

And now onto last week’s training….

Monday 7/28: CrossFit. 2 Rounds with 7 min rest between:

500m Row

50 Squats

50 Push-ups

400m Run

40 Wall Balls (12lb for me)

40 Push Press (45lb for me)

This workout was brutal for me, mostly mentally.  I really struggled with the push presses (really I struggle with anything overhead), but finished my two rounds in 14:35 and 14:42.


Tuesday 7/29: Coach gave me a 5 mile progression run…2 easy, 9:30, 9:15, 9:00.  Tuesday was an absolutely PERFECT morning for running.  We’re talkin’ 64-degrees, breezy and beautiful.  Much different than the sloppy summer runs we’ve been used to.  I felt strong, but my left glute muscle kept tightening up on me (hello, 100 squats and 80 wall balls on Monday?!).  I stopped a few times to knead at my butt (sexy..), but still hit my paces: 10:48, 10:24, 9:20, 9:14, 8:51. Boom.

Wednesday 7/30: CrossFit.  3 sets of 750m row with 5 minutes rest in between.  I was super consistent: 3:12, 3:11, 3:11.  Then we did 5 rounds (not for time) of 10 V-ups, 10 Toes-to-Bar (Knees-To-Chest for me), 60 second push-up hold.  I need this core work!

Thursday 7:31: CrossFit.  Thursdays are partner days, have you picked up on that yet?  So we started out with an individual mini workout of 800m run and 20 box-jumps for time.  Then, the coaches must have been inspired from The CrossFit Games, because the partner WOD was “Double Grace”-aka 60 Clean & Jerks (think barbell from the ground to your shoulders, then from shoulders to overhead).  Then we did a 1.5 mile run in 400m increments each, so each running 3/4 mile.  It wasn’t as bad as I originally partner and I went slowly, used 55lb for the C&J’s and finished somewhere around 14 min (I forgot to write it down..oops!). 

Friday 8/1: Rest

Saturday 8/2: 12 mile long run.  It was raining pretty hard all morning Saturday and I had to wait SO long to run, which was such a mental battle.  I like getting up and getting out the door before my brain realizes what we’re doing.  I started this run after 2pm and really fought through it.  That said, I did the run as ordered: 10 easy miles, then 9:30 and 9:00 for the last two.  Success!


Sunday 8/3: Since I rested Friday, I planned to move my easy 5 miles to Sunday as a recovery run.  Then boyfriend told me about a 5K he was running with his work team.  Keep in mind, crazy CF boyfriend has never run a real race, so I sort of had to jump in a run also!  The 5K was Keith’s Race, a run-walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in memory of Sgt. Keith A Ferguson, and all proceeds go to a scholarship fund set up in his name.  I’ll post a short race recap this week, but spoiler alert: I didn’t run my recovery pace and accidentally PR’ed!  And another spoiler-boyfriend is FAST y’all!

IMG_7899[1]Week 3 totals: 20 miles, 1 PR, 3 CrossFit classes and 1 rest day!

How was your week?  Get in any workouts? A wedding or other fun celebration? I’d love to hear about it…




2 Responses to “NYCM Training: Week 3”

  1. Kaella (KaellaOnTheRun) August 4, 2014 at 10:45 am #

    It looks like another awesome week of training, great job!! And yay for the 5K PR!! Those unexpected personal best races are the best! It looks like you had a lot of fun at the wedding! It’s so awesome you are so close with your coach. Have a great week 🙂


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