Sgt. Keith A. Ferguson 5K Race Recap

6 Aug

Last week, boyfriend told me he was signed up to run a 5K with his team at work and I immediately had two thoughts- A 5k?! Does he know that’s longer than the 400m intervals at CrossFit? and Ooh! I wanna run a 5K too!. So after I made sure he knew that 5k was a full 3.1 miles (a distance he hasn’t covered in a few years…), I asked if I could join him.  {I hadn’t run a 5K since April of 2013 and my PR in the 5K distance was from February of 2012!}

So, on Sunday morning we drove into Manhattan and registered for the Sgt. Keith A. Ferguson 5K.  The race was founded in 2004 by Keith’s family and has continued to grow over 10 years, with all proceeds going to the Sgt. Keith A. Ferguson Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Obviously, a number of the participants are NYPD or other law enforcement members and the NYPD was out in full force working and supporting/spectating the race.  NYC Runs helped to coordinate and as always, did a fantastic job.  I’ve said before that I love their no-frills races and excellent organization.  So…a 3.1 mile race with awesome views and great community support all for a good cause?  Sign us up.


Look at my runner boyfriend!

Technically, I had 5 recovery miles on my schedule, so I figured I’d run a little bit to warm up and planned to take the race super easy.  I even gave boyfriend my watch so he could keep his pace in check and not gas himself out 400m in.  Which didn’t work anyway…because the dang Garmin didn’t find signal in lower Manhattan.  Shocker!  But it was pretty rainy and gross Sunday morning and I couldn’t figure out where to go to warm up, so that didn’t happen.

I knew this race would be crowded, give the 800+ runners and walkers.  And having run the Brooklyn Bridge before, I knew the running path is pretty narrow and it would be tough with so many people.  There are also no corrals or separate start times for runners vs. walkers, so everyone was mixed and starting together.  We definitely did a lot of bobbing and weaving to get past people and settled into any normal pace.  There was also a lot of slowing down and getting caught behind a group of people three across, especially in the beginning.  I gotta be honest-as a runner, it’s hard to look past that and not let that get to you! I definitely had to remind myself that A) this was a race for a good cause and B) I’m not racing it!  This was just my nice little recovery run to Brooklyn and back.


At the start

Boyfriend and his giant long legs took off ahead of me and I just tried to settle into a comfortable pace.  After the first few minutes, I knew there was no way I was running at my recovery pace (10:30-11:15) because I was frustrated speeding up and slowing down.  So I started to try to pass people in order to have more room.  Then, before I knew it I was in high-fiving boyfriend on his way back and making the turn-around myself in Brooklyn.  I thought about slowing down a little bit, but my pace didn’t feel TOO uncomfortable and I was looking forward to getting to that sweet downhill coming off the bridge back into the park.  I honestly had no idea how fast I was running and didn’t care.  I felt good, given that I had run a really tough 12 miles on Saturday.  I was super careful on the wet, slippery bridge and even more slippery concrete in City Hall Park.  


I rounded the corner into the park and crossed the finish line, with the clock reading 27:30.  I was totally fine with that and super excited to find boyfriend and see how he did.  Despite not really knowing what he was capable of running-wise, his goal was somewhere around 8-minute miles.  And wouldn’t ya know it…his official time was 24:19!  Not bad for his first 5K, and I have no doubt that he would crush that time given a different course with less darting around the crowds.

image (1)

So serious…

What was MY official time, you ask?  26:02.  Ummm…hi, accidental PR!  I was still am completely shocked by my time.  I knew I wasn’t running my recovery pace by any means, but it’s crazy to think how fast I was going and how much more I have in me!  BRB while I sign up for the next 5K I can find to really test my speed out! 😉  I certainly have CrossFit and my awesome coach to thank for helping me get stronger and much faster.  Obviously the big goal is just finishing the NYC Marathon on Nov. 2nd, but this race got me excited to see what else I’m capable of.

To recap, this was a great race for a great cause with a bonus PR for me.  And automatic PR for boyfriend!  Not to mention that I loved being there for his first real race experience.  It was adorable seeing him try to figure out what to wear and even get a little nervous before the race.  What was not adorable was his inability to pin a bib on straight!  Crooked bibs and lopsided pins drive me insane, so we’ll be practicing that at home before his next race.  Because we all know there will be a next race… 😉


Can you remember YOUR first race?  Do you have any pet peeves on race day?  Tell me about it!



One Response to “Sgt. Keith A. Ferguson 5K Race Recap”

  1. kmenconi August 7, 2014 at 9:11 am #

    Great race time! I have to admit, being behind walkers and those who stop and go in a group is really frustrating. Glad you didn’t let it get to you and finished strong!

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