NYCM Training: Week 7

2 Sep

Hey there! Long time no post.  Oops! I sort of let life take over this past week, so I’m behind on blogging and delayed in sharing my training recap.  I had an incredible weekend celebrating my dear friend Julia and her new husband Jeff and I’m just getting back into the swing of things.  Hope you all enjoyed a great long weekend too!  Let’s get to it:

Monday 8/25: CrossFit.  The workout was two sets of two 5-minute AMRAPS including overhead squats, push-ups, push presses, toes-to-bar (knees to chest for me) and lots of double unders (singles for me).  Tough but quick workout!

Tuesday 8/26: 5 miles with 5 x 3-minute pick-ups at 8:00-8:10 pace.  Woof. Three minutes is a LONG time, you guys! 🙂

Wednesday 8/27: 5 easy AM miles (9:48 average pace)

Thursday 8/28: Rest…and travel up to Rochester for the wedding festivities!

Friday 8/29: 16 mile long run along the Erie Canal trailway.  I forgot my headphones and totally panicked before I started this run, but it turns out I didn’t even need them!  I ran with a goofy smile on my face, soaking up every second of the nature and beauty around me.  It was cool (like 53 degrees!!), fog was rising off the canal and the sun was coming up for an absolutely gorgeous day.  I took about a gazillion pictures, but I’ll just share a few:



IMG_8437 IMG_8439I almost ran right into two deer that were on the path, and ran by farms with horses! Since it was Friday morning, not too many people were on the trail and I was LOVING it.  Abby broke up my run with 5 easy miles, 3 faster, 5 easy and 3 faster to finish.  I hit my paces, felt great the entire time and even had more in my tank when I finished.  Such a confidence boosting run! Average pace: 10:10.  No headphones, no headache (yay salt tabs!), no problems! 🙂

Saturday 8/30: 3 recovery miles, walking some of it because the boyfriend called.  11:19 average pace and more gorgeous canal views:


Sunday 8/31: Much needed rest with a wedding hangover!

Weekly totals: 29 miles, 1 CrossFit workout, 2 rest days

I am nervous to say that I’m feeling awesome heading into week 8.  I’m in such a great place right now and am really looking forward to this marathon!  Please don’t hate me for being all “life is great, marathon training is FUN!” right now.  I still remember how much I struggled during training last year and was so devastated when things didn’t work out.  I know every week of training isn’t going to be this great, but it just seems like maybe this is my year and my marathon.  Stay tuned! 



2 Responses to “NYCM Training: Week 7”

  1. Beth September 2, 2014 at 12:52 pm #

    This is SO your year and your marathon. I can just feel it. You have done absolutely EVERYTHING right and are working so hard and it will all payoff come November 2nd. BELIEVE IT BUDDY BECAUSE IT’S HAPPENING!!!!! I love that you are all “life is great, marathon training is FUN!” You deserve to be that happy and enjoying this process the second time around. Marathon training IS fun! Don’t be sorry to scream it from the rooftops. You worked so hard and deserve it. You’re doing amazing and I know you are going to be nothing short of amazing 8 weeks from Sunday. Keep up the amazing work buddy, I’m so incredibly proud of you already!!!!!

  2. Kristin miller September 2, 2014 at 2:35 pm #

    Woohoo! You are such a rockstar!!! I told you running up there would be great! I’ve had some really good training runs in the ROC, aided by amazing (summer) temperatures and beautiful scenery! Great work and keep that goody smile, it will carry you through some tough runs and some great ones too!

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