Stitch Fix #4-Back on Track

9 Sep

 Disclosure: This post contains referral links.  I was not compensated for this, but I will receive credit toward future Stitch Fixes if you use my referral links to sign up to receive your own fixes.  And I’ll love you forever! 😉

Last Friday, my fourth Stitch Fix arrived!  {For more on Stitch Fix and what in entails, check out my first post.} You may remember that my last Fix was a total disappointment, so I was really looking forward to this one.  In addition to leaving detailed feedback on each item in my last fix, I reached out to customer service to let them know how bummed I was.  They addressed my concerns immediately and handled it very well.  They took specific notes on what I liked and didn’t to keep in my account, reassigned me to a more experienced stylist and even offered me a credit toward my next fix.  Thumbs up for good customer service.  It seriously makes all the difference to me!

So I was really looking forward to Fix #4 and they did not disappoint!  I obviously peeked at the items once I saw it had shipped, but I couldn’t find everything online, so some were a surprise.


First thought: I was loving all the patterns.  I had asked for tops that would be good for work and could transition to casual outfits. I also still had some birthday credit that would be going toward my fix, so I wouldn’t feel as guilty about the cost of whatever I kept!


I love how Stitch Fix outlines the prices and discounts for you, including the 25% off if you keep all 5 pieces.  It makes it so much easier for me to do the math!

Now on to the fix. I posted all of the items on Instagram and I really appreciate all of the feedback you shared!  It’s so tough picking out clothes, right?! Pretty much everyone voted for #1, 4 and 5 in the picture below, so what did I keep and what did I send back…?


Camilla Graphic Print Split Back Blouse — $48.00


I loved this top immediately and was so excited when it fit perfectly.  It even has a fun split in the back! Verdict: KEPT.


Kahlo Embroidered Solid Tank — $38.00


I had pinned something very similar to this top in a stripe pattern on Pinterest, so I was thrilled to see it in my fix.  Plus, it’s black and everyone loves black!  I think this picture makes it look great, but in reality the cotton was a little too thick for me and I could see it fading quickly in the laundry.  Also, I didn’t see the racer-back style transitioning well to fall, so ultimately this one was sent back.

Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse — $44.00


This one I also loved as soon as I pulled it out of the box!  The pattern and colors are so fun! It is a little bit big on me, and the first button sits a little low in my cleavage.  I thought about sending it back for these reasons (and because boyfriend told me it was “frumpy”), but ultimately I also kept this one too!  If I wear it to work, I’ll be wearing a cami or tank underneath to avoid showing too much off, though.

Maylie Chevron Skirt Maxi Dress — $58.00


You guys, this dress.  It’s everything I love: chevron, black, stretchy cotton, maxi!  Unfortunately this picture is deceiving, because you can’t tell that it’s a tad tight.  Like the cotton stretched in the top and you could see my bra and I just wasn’t 100% comfortable keeping it.  I’m so bummed though, because otherwise I LOVE IT.

Earl Lace Detail Knit Top — $54.00


What can I say about this one?  A little too boring for me.  It’s basically a cotton tee with some lace shoulders.  And it was a little too short for my liking.  And it’s grey, not a favorite for us sweaty folks.  Sent back!

What do you think…will I regret returning that maxi dress?  Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?!  If not, what are you waiting for??



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