NYCM Training: Week 12

6 Oct

Phew, I have survived 12 weeks of training and have just 4 weeks to go!  It’s definitely becoming harder and harder to get my runs in between work travel and social obligations, but I’m making it happen.  I feel really good and hope it stays this way through the rest of this cycle.  I finished reading A Race Like No Other last week and am really starting to envision running this marathon.  So exciting!  Let’s recap last week:

Monday 9/29: 50 minute yoga class from  I found a class called “Heavenly Hip Openers” and it was just what I needed!  I’ve really been loving using this website for yoga on-the-go, especially since I’m traveling so much lately.

Tuesday 9/30: 5 easy (9:51 avg pace).  I had to do this on the freakin treadmill, which apparently is my new Tuesday routine.  Yuck!  I also did some single-leg dead-lifts and used the free weights for a quick arm workout.


Wednesday 10/1: CrossFit.  An unexpected change in my work schedule left me with a few extra hours in the morning, so I immediately searched for local CF boxes in Pittsburgh.  Lucky me, I found one not even 2 blocks away from my hotel!  I dropped in to CrossFit Shadyside for the 6:30 am class and got my butt kicked before traveling back home.  Stay tuned for a recap of my visit to CF Shadyside soon!


Thursday 10/2: Rest

Friday 10/3: My plan was to run 6 easy, but after a late night rehearsal dinner and an early start to the day for my cousin’s wedding, I cut my run short to 4 miles.  And had to do them on that dang treadmill!  Average pace 9:23.

Saturday 10/4: Rest

Sunday 10/5: 20 easy (10:28 average pace).  Since I was in Poughkeepsie, I decided to tackle my long run up there before driving back to Long Island.  My parents live right near the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, which connects to the Walkway over the Hudson and provides gorgeous scenery for a fall long run.



Thank goodness boyfriend was willing to go along with me (on bike, not foot).  He rode ahead and took scenic pics during the first half of the run, but stuck by me during the second half when I needed it most.  He kept me entertained and helped me push through when I just wanted to stop.  Overall I felt good, although my feet hurt a bit, but they hurt before I even started (thanks to running around in heels for two days prior to running 20 miles).  Long run success!



Weekly totals: 29 miles, 1 CrossFit class, 1 yoga session, 2 rest days.

How do you survive long runs?  Enlist company?  Music?  What’s the furthest distance you’ve run during marathon training?  Tell me about it!



2 Responses to “NYCM Training: Week 12”

  1. Beth October 6, 2014 at 1:43 pm #

    LOOK AT YOUR LEGS! You are SO STRONG, buddy!!!!!! What a difference a year makes. I’m so proud of you! Not only did you run 20 MILES again, you kicked it’s ass! AND after a crazy, busy weekend. You are just crushing this training cycle. The cowbells are dusted off and ready to go! 27 days and counting….. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. kristin miller October 6, 2014 at 3:48 pm #

    I mean, what is there to say? Fist bump Fist bump Fist bump. That is all. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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