In the Media

Check out the links below to various articles I’ve been published or quoted in.

Brave New Food (June 2014) Health

4 Eating Tips for Runners During the Holidays (November 2013)

Thanksgiving Superfoods with Weight-Loss Benefits (November 22, 2013)- Health

Sparkly Soul Blogger of the Month (November 2013)-SparklySoul Inc

19 Easy 100-Calorie Snacks (October 2013)

11 Tasty Halloween Treats That Won’t Haunt Your Diet (October 2013)

States That Don’t Eat Their Veggies (September 2013) Health

Q&A on Pasta and Exercise (September 2013)-Pasta Fits, National Pasta Association

13 Easy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds (August 2013)- Health

Eat to Hydrate (July 2013)-Spring Forward PT Monthly Newsletter

Preventing Injury with Proper Nutrition (April 2013)- Spring Forward PT Monthly Newsletter

6 Shocking Reasons Your Salad Is A Fat Bomb (April 2013)

Contact me if you’re interested in having me write an article for your publication or newsletter!



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